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The Challenge

Following a company acquisition, Qumu had an ecosystem of digital products with very disparate experiences: a suite of web apps, traditional desktop website, native apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. These products lacked a cohesive design language and common identity. This was frustrating both for teams selling products and those working on them.

Early in my position, I recognised that the greatest impact could be made by aligning teams towards a shared component library and style guide. I worked closely with developers in three continents to build up this initiative around their project commitments and encouraged new behaviours in teams to utilise and manage shared components. Our goal was to help build the team’s internal design capacity, confidence and culture, while providing a common identity to all digital points of contact between the brand and its users.


Chief Experience Officer
Experience Director (me)
Product Designer
Graphic Designer

How do you create a cohesive brand identity that can be applied to all customer touch points?

Qumu’s brand did not reflect the values of the new organisation and felt rather dated. I identified that Qumu required a versatile, yet consistent brand treatment that could be easily applied to any area of the company, whether this was marketing sites, office interiors, hardware or digital products. I hired a new graphic designer and product designer to build design capacity in the experience team. With careful persuasion, I helped the company move away from a restrictive brand system and embrace an evolutionary approach, first testing different looks in our marketing, and finally settling on a scheme that worked well for all touch points.

How do you create a unified experience from a disparate product ecosystem?

Qumu’s products did not have a common look and feel, and this was because they had been built using radically different approaches and technologies. I made impact early on by encouraging developers to adopt the Bootstrap framework to source new components from. Following with our rebranding efforts, this meant we had a single set of styles to modify and maintain. Great efforts were made by myself to encourage uptake in the development team, and within a couple of years the entire web interface had been refactored into the new framework and common components were being used. This greatly reduced development time and waste, increased productivity and consistency.

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