My name is Pete. The picture to the left is of me, I’m on a dry riverbed in Essex, where I am from.I’ve recently completed the Cape Wrath Trail, Britain’s most difficult long distance walk. I’m a keen packrafter, and now incorporating this into my travels. I recently quit my office job to go exploring. That’s what I’m still doing.





Cape Wrath Trail, 2017
Cesky Raj, Czech Republic, 2016
West Highland Way, 2015
Isle of Mull to Iona Traverse, 2014



Bushcraft Fundamentals – Ray Mears, Woodlore
Tracking and Nature Observation –Ray Mears, Woodlore
Blacksmithing course – Green Wood Guild
1 year Woodworking course – London School Furniture Making
Level 1 and 2 kayaker – Laburnum Boat Club
Foraging & Wild Herbal Medicine – Forage London