Cambrian Way: Kit List

by Peter Berrecloth
16th August 2017

This is my kit list for the Cambrian Way. I am using an ultralight setup, wild camping beneath a tarp and a bivvy bag.


Total weight 6.2kg. This is a quarter of the weight I took on the Cape Wrath Trail, a comparable walk I did in Winter.





I cut weight in several key areas:



  • Backpack – 800g down from a massive 2100g. A cheap nylon pack from Mountain Warehouse.
  • Layers – Less clothing needed for summer.
  • Quilt – Using a down quilt instead of sleeping bag halved my weight.
  • Stoveless – In summer, hot meals are just less important.
  • Tentless – I am bivvying with a poncho-tarp suspended over trekking poles.


A full spreadsheet of my kit can be seen below.